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Linking you & the factory

Somos Agents directos de fabrica. Trabajamos juntos con las fabricas. Visita a nuestras fabricas es conveniente

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Our Services extend to Door Delivery. We will handle all your Logistics.

One stop shopping. We offer our clients Full Service if needed. We will Handle the production, Shipping to Port, ISF, Custom Clearance, Trucking to your warehouse or Drop Ship.

Outstanding Quality

Our Extensive Inspection Process will save you time and Money

C.U.G Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles Quality Inspections will help to protect your brand and your company’s reputation by minimizing defective Material, Customer Complaints, Non-Compliant Products, Claims in future and late Shipments.

Unlimited Ideas for your Success in Business

Our 24 x24″ also know as. 60×60. or 600×600 are one of the most reliable pristine from all India.

All our products are inspected by 6 inspectors.  1 at the kiln Measuring heat, 1 at the exit of the polishing process, 2 at the light box, 1 at the packing,  1 at  the loading.

Our 32 x32″ Double Charge Or Double Loading also know as. 80×80. or 800×800 are one of the most reliable pristine from all India.

Although there are many manufacturers , we are the highest in quality control and satisfaction .

Our 24 x24″ Double Charge Or Double Loading also know as. 60×60. or 600×600 are one of the most reliable pristine from all India.

India’s High Quality Double Loading Tiles, have a 5 year guarantee. Our manufacturing process is compared to the Italy process.

24 x 12 Ceramic Water Proof Tiles. . Also Known as 30×60 Engobe Tiles. with a 10% Water absorption

Our wall tiles have over 200 grams per piece. With a control processed body and a unique body punch. We will only offer the best quality there is out in the India Market.

Use LayerSlider for amazing custom animations. The plugin is the only one included in the theme

Our goto slider when it comes to complex layer-based animation sliders. The Plugin is included as part of the theme but no worries, if you don’t use we wont load it, to take care of your server resources.

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Not technically a plugin but only the most popular newsletter service there is. And Enfold allows you to create subscription forms out of the box. Just enter your Mailchimp API key and start collecting subscribers!

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